Jon Hinkson

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Senior Fellow, Rivendell Institute


Son of itinerant missionaries, Jon grew up moving about good bit, some in Africa, mostly in Europe—Vienna, Austria being his home a majority of the pre-university years.  There, in addition to football skills, Jon developed an interest in history and particularly how Christian conviction had fallen out of credibility among European arbiters of knowledge, and how within such a setting the Christian faith might be re-commended.  After Princeton (B.A. History 1985) and with an interlude in Cambridge England (M.Phil. Divinity 1992) Jon settled in New Haven with wife Anita (Yale ‘88) and 3 daughters.  There, as research fellow of the Rivendell Institute his writing, research and teaching centers on contextualizing Christian faith and practice within the contemporary academy. The majority of his published work falls within this domain and treats from an historical perspective.  In his capacity as a director of spiritual formation Jon provides guidance for those who as believers in the academy find their lives the locus of the need for a healthy integration of vibrant faith and vigorous scholarship. He is a frequent conference speaker with numerous addresses (including his “Ivy Profiles of Faith”) available in audio. Jon is also gaining a local reputation for leading entertaining walking tours of the spiritual heritage of Yale so if you are passing through and have an interest stop by the Institute and inquire.