Dr. OrLando Yarborough III

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Pastor, Black Church at Yale


OrLando Yarborough III earned his PhD in Genetics from Yale University investigating the genetics of high blood pressure and he completed a Yale postdoc in Internal Medicine investigating mitochondrial metabolism in Type 2 Diabetes. He coaches, speaks and trains internationally on leadership with The John Maxwell Team. In 2013 OrLando was one of 150 coaches who, in only three days, trained more than 20,000 Guatemalan leaders who have themselves embarked to train 120,000 of their own leaders in the first national transformation effort. In 2014, OrLando and his wife, Rashele Yarborough MD/PhD (Yale), returned to Guatemala, in a completely separate initiative, to work on hospital infrastructure in a most remote region of the country. OrLando co-led the Yale School of Management Christian Fellowship 2004/2005. OrLando’s strength and passion are in creating environments for high growth and achievement. His research interests include genetic and environmental impact on health and disease, and the role of leadership skill in creating success and positive change. OrLando and Rashele, with their daughter, are members of Church On The Rock, New Haven where they have been co-leaders of the young adult ministry since 2004. OrLando was ordained by Pastors Todd and Leslie Forster in 2015.