Dr. Andrew Cunningham

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Yale International Christian Fellowship


Dr. Andrew Cunningham has been engaged in evangelism and equipping young people since before his ordination in 1978. In 1980, he and his family began their overseas missionary work, serving in Togo, West Africa, training men and women for the ministry at the West African Advanced School of Theology, later serving several years in Belgium at the Continental Theological Seminary.

When special family needs dictated that they remain in the U.S., God led them to Yale University, where they have been Chi Alpha missionaries to the international students on this strategic campus since 1995.

The ministry at Yale encompasses a range of religious, social, and educational activities. The Friday night evangelistic Bible study, which meets at the Yale Medical School, is reaching fifty post docs and scholars each week. The response has been so strong that it was necessary to start a two-tiered children’s ministry to reach their children.

The ministry includes many trips, forums, dinners, and a friendship partner program, as well as Sunday morning services each week in Dwight Chapel in the heart of the old Yale Campus. Thank you for your prayer and financial help with the remarkable work God is doing, reaching these precious students, who return to their countries to take positions of leadership. More importantly, they take the light of the Lord Jesus Christ with them, often to countries where missionary endeavor is not allowed.