Asha Shipman

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Director of Hindu Life


Dr. Asha Shipman is the Director of Hindu Life and Hindu Chaplain for Yale University. In this role, she collaborates with campus organizations, notably the Hindu Students Council, on programs that highlight Hinduism and Indian culture. She also offers pastoral counseling to students; often over steaming cups of chai in her office or by taking long walks around campus. Asha has a PhD in Anthropology and a wide array of scholarly interests. Her current research examines spiritual support offered to Hindu students at US college and university campuses. She is an experienced educator, having taught for almost 20 years at the high school, college and university levels. Asha grew up among Connecticut’s Hindu community and her parents were primary founders of the Connecticut Valley Hindu Temple Society. She served as an official photographer during the consecration festivities for the main Temple deities and as an appointed member of the Temple’s Executive Committee. Her foremost contribution to the Temple Society was co-founding the Hindu Sunday School for children grades K–12. Asha enjoys bringing thought-provoking, colorful, kinetic and soul-nourishing events to the Yale community; her two young sons enjoy visiting the Chaplain’s Office for free ice cream and Swedish Fish.