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If you would like to speak with someone about your or other’s experiences with grief, please contact us at 203-432-1128 to schedule an appointment with one of our chaplains and/or talk to them on the phone.

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  • Modern Loss; Candid Conversation About Grief. Beginners Welcome Inspired by the website that the New York Times hailed as “redefining mourning,” this book is a fresh and irreverent examination into navigating grief and resilience in the age of social media, offering comfort and community for coping with the mess of loss through candid original essays from a variety of voices, accompanied by gorgeous two-color illustrations and wry infographics.
  • Getting Grief Right: Finding Your Story of Love in the Sorrow of Loss When the New York Times ran Patrick O’Malley’s story about the loss of his infant son—and how his inability to “move on” challenged everything he was taught as a psychotherapist—it inspired an unprecedented flood of gratitude from readers.