Chaplaincy Fellows

College can be a time of intensive and extensive spiritual growth and exploration.  The Chaplain’s Office endeavors to support the healthy development of students’ religious and spiritual lives in this tumultuous time.  Many important parts of this journey happen with one’s peers; accordingly, we hope to empower a core group of students throughout the residential college system who can help engender an ethos of reflection, non-judgmental conversation, and respectful curiosity of divergent worldviews.  With the guidance of the staff of the Chaplain’s Office, Chaplaincy Fellows will be empowered to facilitate conversations rooted in life’s big questions around meaning, purpose, authentic success, and happiness.  We seek students who are comfortable working with a wide spectrum of people, including those who have deeply held religious beliefs, atheists and agnostics, seekers, and everyone in between.

The training for the Chaplaincy Fellows program centers around a weeklong trip to Washington D.C. during spring break. The trip will combine service work, visits to local religious communities, and group reflection.  

Essential characteristics of students in the Chaplaincy Fellows are maturity; curiosity about different religious traditions, spiritual practices, and beliefs; ability to commit to a year-long program; a tendency to listen more than speak; precocious wisdom; and a balance of humility and charisma.  Students should be prepared to lead challenging conversations that include conflicting worldviews, moral convictions, and religious practices, as well as discuss questions that have no definitive answers.

Application 2019