Chabad at Yale


Rabbi Meir Chaim Posner is the Jewish Life Advisor of Chabad at Yale.  If you would like to visit with him and/or find out more info, please e-mail him at

Faith Community: 

Chabad at Yale seeks to help shape the next generation of engaged leadership within the Jewish community and within American society at large. To accommodate and support the Jewish college student , Chabad at Yale serves as an intimate, vibrant community and a pillar of support for hundreds of Jewish students, regardless of personal beliefs, backgrounds or levels of religious observance.

Sacred Space: 

The Synagogue in Alice Bender House is located at 36 Lynwood St, New Haven, CT 06511.


Birthright Trips are offered in the summer to give students 10 days of adventure and excitement in Israel. 

Shabbat Dinners are a great escape from the constant academic pressures of campus. Join us every Friday night for a multidimensional experience, with the perfect mix of food, drink, song and conversation. 

Coffee Meetings can be schedule with Rabbi Meir Chaim at the coffee house of your choice. Feel free to discuss any topic from personal issues to religious questions and everything in between. 

Free Mezuzahs can be given to any Jewish student who needs one for their dorm room or apartment. Ancient tradition teaches that this small Mitzvah brings blessing and serenity to one’s home.