"What does the Chaplain's Office do?"

~ Provide pastoral care to individuals and the Yale community in times of crisis

~ Support the flourishing of Religious and Spiritual Communities

  • Provide resources for each Yale-sponsored religious group to provide excellent worship, education, service, and social opportunities to student according to their own needs (e.g. UCY, MSA, HSC)
  • Support YRM member groups with liaison to the university, space as available, and training as appropriate
  • Setting expectations for groups working with Yale students
  • Educating the university on our approach to religious practice and guidelines for religious groups on campus

 ~ Educate students, faculty, and staff on faith-related topics:

  • Care for the Caregiver
  • Freshmen Counselor Training
  • Religious Holy Day information for faculty and staff
  • Creation and Distribution of the Multifaith Calendar

~ Host Interfaith Student Groups and Events

  • InterFaith Forum at Yale (IFFY)
  • Graduate Student Dinners