Jilly Mehlman

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Jonathan Edwards College


My name is Jilly Mehlman and I’m a junior majoring in the Humanities with a concentration in Judaic Studies. Though I call Jonathan Edwards College home, I was born and raised in Scarsdale, NY — just over an hour from New Haven. On campus, I serve as a Matriculate Advising Fellow, editor of the Yale Layer Magazine, direct philanthropy for my sorority, Theta, and most importantly, I’m a former Chaplain’s Office Fellow turned Peer Liaison to the Yale College Dean’s Office! Look out for this self-proclaimed “Energizer Bunny” guzzling coffee at Atticus Bookstore Cafe, socializing in quiet spaces in the library (#sorrynotsorry), and bopping from class to class. If you are a bibliophile, dog-lover, or caffeine addict, you have met your match :) Although the transition to Yale is overwhelming, I guarantee the emotional support, guidance, and hugs you receive from the Chaplain’s Office will supplant any and all inhibitions. I can’t wait to meet you!