Abigail Cipparone

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Berkeley College

Abigail Cipparone is a senior majoring in Ethnicity, Race and Migration, with a concentration in Migration Studies. As the Dwight Hall Outreach coordinator, Abigail works to get Yalies more involved in community service in New Haven. Abigail is an activist for Palestinian rights, and is part of Students for Justice in Palestine at Yale. She is also part of the Yale Glee Club, the auditioned choir on campus, and plays French Horn in a myriad of musical ensembles. Over the summer, Abigail got very distracted by YouTube videos of women ultra runners (trail runners that run ~ 50 miles of mountains in one race!) so now she is trying her hand at trail-running a half marathon. Abigail is a fraternal twin, and a Christian, a congregationalist to be exact. She also loves chickens, sweets, and meeting first years! Please reach out to talk about religion, Palestine, Ethnicity Race and Migration, New Haven, the Yale musical community, ultra running, twinning, chickens, sweets or anything else. Welcome to Yale :)