United Church of Christ


Dr. Bonnie Scott is the Transitional Senior Pastor of the United Church on the Green.   If you have any questions and/or would like to visit with her, please e-mail her at Dr.bonnie.scott@gmail.com.

Faith Community: 

The United Church on the Green (UCG) is a progressive Protestant Christian church that is a member of the United Church of Christ (UCC). We were established 1742 and had our Meetinghouse built in 1815. We believe God is still speaking to the world today… and we’re trying to listen. We are not a “The Bible says it. I believe it. That settles it.” kind of church. Questions are encouraged. We have also been ”Open and Affirming” of gay, lesbian, bisexual, and transgender persons since 1989. We are working with God to build a better future and trying to “connect the dots” to grow peace, justice, and compassion in the world. We are not interested in “saving souls” or “converting the heathen.” God’s love is for all.

Worship Schedule: 

Sunday (10:30 a.m.) - We gather to sing, pray, hear the message, and live out community.  We welcome all people as an open and affirming congregation. Following worship we share our welcome with one another at coffee hour complete with a real feast, and round tables to sit at.  Often we have a “Second Hour” where we discuss an important topic, have a book study, or a sermon talk-back. Usually the first Sunday of the month we celebrate communion (also called “Eucharist” or “the Lord’s Supper”). All present, including children and guests, baptized or not, are invited to share the bread and cup. We always use grape juice instead of wine, out of respect for those persons who are striving to live in recovery. Also, there are gluten-free crackers available for those who need them. One can receive communion by either sitting in your pew or coming forward.


Abraham’s Tent – every year we participate in inviting 10 homeless residents of Columbus House to live in our lower level of our meeting House for a week and  share meals and time with them. 

Bible Study - Meets weekly on Mondays at 7:00 pm, at the home of Deacon Mike Waterson. All are welcome no matter how familiar you are with the Bible. Facilitated by Vickey Allen, a United Church member who is studying at Hartford Seminary. We have informal discussions based on suggested readings in the Revised Common Lectionary. For more information, contact Mike at michael.waterson@yale.edu.

Chapel on the Green - At least once every year we make sandwiches for the homeless on the Green and share communion with them.  

Dinner & Discussion - Every other week at 5:30 on Sundays we have pot luck dinners and discussion around interesting topics. We also have these kinds of discussions at our Second Hour, following coffee hours at noon, such as guests talking about our ministry with Incarceration, racial tensions, tips for Allies of transgender people, Interdependence with our sister UCC churches in new Haven, etc. Book groups also are held several times a year. 

5-on-5 Craft Group - Meets on some Thursdays at 11:30am at the Parish House. Join us to do handwork in good company as we enjoy far-ranging, interesting conversation. Bring your own knitting, sewing, mending, embroidery, quilting or any handwork. If you want lunch, bring a brown bag lunch. New folks are always welcome. If you have questions, speak to DeeDee, Cynthia, Ruth Anne, Vickey or Jean Blue at jeanandjon71@gmail.com.

The UCG Yard Birds - Our “Gardening Ministry” Group consists of people who love to landscape and garden. For more information, contact Roger Adams at roger_adams@comcast.net .