The Eight-Spoked Dharma Wheel or Dharmachakra represents the Buddha’s teachings of the path to enlightenment. The wheel’s motion is a metaphor for the rapid spiritual change engendered by the teachings of the Buddha, and the eight spokes represent the Noble Eightfold Path set out by the Buddha in his teachings.


Dr. Auguste Fortin​ is the Buddhist Life Advisor and leads Thursday meditations in the Shrine from 7-8pm.  If you have a question and/or would like to meet, please e-mail auguste.fortin@yale.edu.

Faith Community: 

The Yale Sangha has been formed in the hope to approach Buddhism through multiple ways: art, meditation, study, discussion, talks, food. We are also a liaison group to the Chaplain’s Office to meet the needs of the community, to connect with other student groups, and interact with Buddhist communities in New Haven and beyond. For more information, contact the Yale Sangha or it’s student coordinators - Xuan Tan or Chris Geissler.

Sacred Space: 

The Buddha Shrine in Harkness Chapel is open Sunday to Thursday 4-10pm. Is it located on the first floor of Harkness Tower in Branford College. When there is not formal practice or a Dharma talk scheduled, students are welcome to meditate, chant, and make offerings. There will always be a student attendant or one of the Advisors present if you have questions about appropriate use of the space. Please remove your shoes before entering the Chapel.


Meditation Sessions are offered weekly on Thursday evenings at 7:30pm in the Shrine by Auguste Fortin or Sangha members. 

Dharma Discussions are opportunities to go more deeply into a particular topic and how it is discussed in Buddhist thought. They first begin with a short period of meditation, and the presenter offers a brief introduction on the topic of the week. After this brief presentation, the remainder of the time is opened to discussion amongst those present.